DECOEX AP is a co-extruded film PA/PE. It is mostly used for vacuum packaging and in function of the thickness both for bags and for top film on thermo-formed trays.

Main properties:

- Barrier to gas in function of the thickness of PA (Polyamide)
- High water vapour barrier, always in function of the thickness of PA
- Very high sealibility and wide range of sealing layer formulas
- Good thermo-forming and suitability for productivity
- Limited curling
- Good optical characteristics
- Possible lamination to other substrates and printing

Examples of application:

Top and bottom for vacuum packaging of hams and salami, cheese and mozzarella, rice and cereals, thermo-forming for medical equipment and technical items, etc.;
in particular DECOEX 2AP is used in case of deep and angular thermo-forming.

The films of this series can be supplied also in white colour, in a wide range of total thickness and Polyamide/Polyethylene combinations.

For special applications the film named DECOEX PAP, having the central layer in PA (Polyamide) is available.

Technical data:

As an example, the tables below report the characteristics of DECOEX AP 90/20 and DECOEX 2AP 280/90 and the parameters of the most used structures.

Technical data sheets and Certificates of Food Contact suitability are available by our technical and commercial office.

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Warning: use the DECOEX AP within 6 months of the production date, particularly for white film. Storage temperature between 0° and 30°C., U.R. between 45 and 65%, store the film in protected area and far from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Information and reported data by this publication are true but only indicative. The Company reserves itself to modify them without any notice. Make request by our offices of technical data sheet of each film.

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