The series of DECOEX PEP includes a wide range of film with EVOH barrier layer (Ethylvinyl alcohol copolymer) for laminating in order to give the substrate the following characteristics:

- Barrier to gas and very high barrier to aromas
- Specific seal abilities
- Food contact suitability
- Chemical inertia
- Low temperature resistance
- Very good optical qualities

Film types and main uses:

The film can be supplied by different types:
antifog, anti-static, peel, transparent and white coloured with EVOH at 32, 38% of ethylene, by a wide range of total thickness and different layers.

Technical data:

The tables below report, as example, the main significant characteristics of DECOEX PEP 50/5 (50 micron of total thickness and 5 micron of EVOH), and the parameters of the most used structure of films.

Technical data sheets and Certificates of Food Contact suitability are available by our technical and commercial office.

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Information and reported data by this publication are true but only indicative. The Company reserves itself to modify them without any notice.

Warning: use the DECOEX PEP film within 6 months of the production date, particularly antifog and white film within 3 months. Storage temperature must be set between 0 and 30°C., U.R. between 45 and 65%, store the film in protected areas far from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

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