DECOWRAP is a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) stretch film, specifically designed for the wrapping of a very wide range of food products.

As it complies with all present EU Directives relating to the packaging of food, DECOWRAP stretch film is completely safe. The raw materials used in its manufacture are food approved and characterised by particularly low migration values.

As DECOWRAP is both odourless and taint-free, it will allow the pack to have a longer shelf life, maintaining the original freshness and flavour of the contents.

The materials high transparency and gloss, combined with excellent mechanical characteristics and very good memory, allow the end user to produce first class results.

Special features:

- Excellent gloss and transparency
- Longer shelf life
- Odourless and taint-free

Stretching and sticky properties:

- Excellent mechanical characteristics
- Very good memory characteristics
- Excellent stickiness

Examples of applications:

DECOWRAP is used on a very wide variety of applications which include bakery, confectionery, fresh fruit and vegetables, poultry, fresh meat and fish, processed meat, cheese, fried and roasted food, sandwiches, and dried and frozen food.

Film types and main uses:

DECOWRAP is produced in two specifications, differentiated by the equipment to be used.
DECOWRAP PM is designed for manual wrapping machines.
DECOWRAP PA is designed for automatic wrapping machines.

Technical data:

The tables below report the main characteristics of the film. Technical data sheets and Food suitability Certificates are available by our technical and commercial office.

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Information and reported data by this publication are true but only indicative. The Company reserves itself to modify them without any notice.


use the film within three months of the production date. Storage temperature between 0° and 30°C., U.R. between 45 and 65%, store the film in protected area and far from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

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