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Decofilm - DECOLINE
Decofilm - DECOLINE BS polyolefin shrink film
Decofilm - DECOLINE AF anti-fog film with a wide shrink range
Decofilm - DECOLINE PF8 polyolefin shrink film to pack all types of bread
Decofilm - DECOTERM PVC shrink film (polyvinylchloride)
Decofilm - DECOWRAP PVC (polyvinyl chloride) stretch film for wrapping of food products
Decofilm - DECOEX PEP film for laminating
Decofilm - DECOEX AP co-extruded film for vacuum packaging
Decofilm - DECOEX 2AP film: 9 layers symmetric film for vacuum packaging
Decofilm - DECOEX APE2 film
Decofilm - DECOEX PAP glossy film for food product and non-food products